Covid-19 Relief

Covid-19 Relief

Education / Waterlily

Education / Waterlily

Women Empowerment / Purnkuti

Women Empowerment / Purnkuti

Child Development / Manosakha

Child Development / Manosakha

About Us

Purnkuti was established in the year 2011, in Barh, Patna District of Bihar. Over time, it expanded operations to the cities of Pune and Hyderabad. Active in the field of women, children, and community development, Purnkuti works across the states of Bihar, Maharashtra, and Telangana to aid and improve lives of children, women, sex workers, HIV infected sex workers, transgenders, and rural populations… Read More


Budhwarpeth: The pleasure district desiring alternate livelihoods

Budhwarpeth, India’s third-largest red-light area in Pune, is home to 3000 sex workers and 700 brothels. The past two years, especially, have been difficult for them to make a stable livelihood. The pandemic caused a steep fall

3 most important ways to facilitate women's empowerment

Gender equality is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals and it is a prerequisite for accomplishing the other seven goals. Discrimination against women, however, remains a very persistent type of inequality, including gender-based violence, economic abuse, inequities in

Compassion: The forgotten basic need

The modern world is laden with multiple pathways of information flow and short attention span that urges modern day humans to multitask or spend excessive energy on various things simultaneously or successively. Climbing the capitalist ladder and gaining power within

Impact Of Poor Health In Women In India

Health is a crucial aspect that contributes not only to individual well-being but also to global economic prosperity. What's more, women's health issues are diverse, and they are influenced by a variety of variables such as gender

Harsh Realities of LGBTQ Communities in India

Although more Indian youths are accepting of homosexuality and queer identities than ever before, acceptance of their sexuality and the freedom to openly express their gender choices within the boundaries of family, home, and the school remains a constant struggle

Transgenders: Holy yet ostracized

Gender for most people ends at man or woman. Visualising gender as a rainbow is helpful in understanding that there is no dualistic black or white but rather a wide spectrum within gender identity. Transgender people are individuals that neither

Resilience: The wheels of growth

The human psyche plays a remarkable role in the success of individuals. Resilience stands out as one of the most essential traits for coping with the adversities often experienced in life. You may have heard of highly successful people with

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Education

A home is the haven of safety, the four walls within which one can feel protected from the big wide world outside. This exact idea of home can be flipped at its core, when it becomes the very space that

Importance of Nutrition for HIV

As children, most of us would probably remember being told to eat all the greens on our plate or hear persuasive stories of spoons as flying airplanes that would scrumptiously land in our mouths. All of it, to ensure children

The power of collective learning

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power to appreciate life. – Brigham Young Life is laden with choices, yet one choice that is not in our hand, is


Fight against pandemic continues

Purnkuti distributed medical kits at Manhar in Bihar as the fight against the pandemic continues. We are grateful for your support and love to the affected

Purnkuti at Budhwarpeth, Pune

Purnkuti has been packaging and distributing medical kits and other essentials, to people in need in Budhwar Peth at Pune. Purnkuti has expanded their efforts to reach those who desperately need our help

Purnkuti distributed Medical Kits at Vadgoanshery, Pune.

In continuation of the COVID-19 Relief Support for the marginalised communities and Healthcare Professionals, we have handed over Medical Kits to the underprivileged. Purnkuti expresses its gratitude to all the donors. Purnkuti distributed Medical Kits at Vadgoanshery, Pune

Ration kits were distributed to transgenders and Lavani dancers.

“Transgenders are an interal part of society. During Covid-19, they have also suffered a lot financially and it was our duty to help them. Earlier, also the ration was distributed among the transgenders,” added Sneha Bharti. Recently, Ration kits

Distributed ration kits at Yerwada slum in Pune.

On the occasion of India’s 75th year of Independence, Purnkuti distributed ration kits to old and underprivileged individuals at Yerwada slum in Pune.  

Purnkuti distributed ration kits at Vadgoanshery, Pune

Millions of poor labourers who have lost their livelihood and are struggling to access food and rations for their families .Purnkuti distributed ration kits at Vadgoanshery slum in Pune.  

Purnkuti distributed kits at Panchgachia, Bihar

The destructive floods have swept through entire coastal and agricultural villages causing the deaths of more than 300 people, cutting off supplies of food, water and power, and affecting livelihoods, agriculture and tourism.Purnkuti distributed kits at Panchgachia in Bihar

!!Distributed kits at Bhikhanpura in Bihar!!

In a period where all hope is lost, we're hoping to bring some happy faces around.Purnkuti distributed kits at Bhikhanpura in Bihar with areas affected with floods

Purnkuti distributed to physically challenged individuals !!!

As the pandemic continues to torment livelihoods, it's crucial to give back to the people in their time of need. During this dreaded period, the only hope we have is to stand united. By doing so, we're capable

Distributed food kits to children at Yerwada Slum, Pune.

The children the ones who suffered the most. They are hungry, malnourished and vulnerable to diseases. Our aim is not to let any child sleep hungry. We are working together to make a difference. The children are our future and


Purnkuti Foundation aims at engaging socially conscious corporates, groups and individuals


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others "

- Mahatma Gandhi

Thousands of lives can be transformed by your support and service.

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