‘’A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist’s world.’’

  • Hans Hofmann

Handicrafts are the symbols of an artisan’s life experiences that he/she wants to express to his fellow humans in this material world. They carry life in itself. They represent one’s cultural background and its’ customs. India is land of diversity in languages and regions. We find many artisans in our localities who struggle to make a living. We are time dependent souls, who find happiness in something we don’t believe, be it 9-5 office job or that phase where we are stuck in loop.

According into Siri Trang Khalsa, from atharna, an online blog says that, “Hand crafted products have true personality and more appeal than factory made items found anywhere. They express character, skill and culture.’’ Most of the works, if you ever come across in streets, are often depicted as migrant folk who give up their crafting skills and do unskilled labour with least of least wages that doesn’t fill their stomachs. They suffer a lot of deal of dilemma and financial crisis that cannot provide their fruits of labour.

To support the local communitiesand encourage the oldest method of teaching in our country, Purnkutihas made efforts to collaborate with the local artists and women to sell their products.They also introduced craft education to children as part of their curriculum in their associated schools. As time passes, people get replaced but the legacy is left as symbol of remembrance.

Let’s encourage our next generation to support our ancient arts and crafts not to be forgotten.