Impact Of Poor Health In Women In India

Health is a crucial aspect that contributes not only to individual well-being but also to global economic prosperity. What

Harsh Realities of LGBTQ Communities in India

Although more Indian youths are accepting of homosexuality and queer identities than ever before, acceptance of their sexuality and the

Transgenders: Holy yet ostracized

Gender for most people ends at man or woman. Visualising gender as a rainbow is helpful in understanding that there

Resilience: The wheels of growth

The human psyche plays a remarkable role in the success of individuals. Resilience stands out as one of the most

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Education

A home is the haven of safety, the four walls within which one can feel protected from the big wide

Importance of Nutrition for HIV

As children, most of us would probably remember being told to eat all the greens on our plate or hear

The power of collective learning

Education is the power to think clearly, the power to act well in the world’s work, and the power

Untainted and free—educating children of sex workers

The pandemic has hit various countries and strata’s of society differently, bringing to surface the inequalities present in our

Saying No to Self-Destruction!

There is a study done by WHO in 2019 which states that there have been more than 180 thousand deaths

Youth Day

With respect to a great leader, monk and a philosopher, 12th January is celebrated as National Youth Day, also known

Savitribai Phule

An educationalist, a philanthropist, a prolific Marathi writer and most important, an Indian social reformer. Born on January 3rd 1831

Let Those Invisible Boundaries Never Divide Us!

Hey, you are black just like those Africans! Why do people from your region look the same? Hey, your accent

Education Itself Is Enlightenment and Education System Is the Path That Leads to It!

Education is like that one branch in a tree that may look like any other branch and yet it functions

Our Daughters Do Not Come with A Price Tag!

“We are absolutely ready to accept and welcome your daughter into our family with our open hearts, but what about

The Battle of Freedom !!!

For the last couple of days, we all have been witnessing the horrific chain of events unfolding in Afghanistan. We