Youth Day

With respect to a great leader, monk and a philosopher, 12th January is celebrated as National Youth Day, also known

Savitribai Phule

An educationalist, a philanthropist, a prolific Marathi writer and most important, an Indian social reformer. Born on January 3rd 1831

Let Those Invisible Boundaries Never Divide Us!

Hey, you are black just like those Africans! Why do people from your region look the same? Hey, your accent

Education Itself Is Enlightenment and Education System Is the Path That Leads to It!

Education is like that one branch in a tree that may look like any other branch and yet it functions

Our Daughters Do Not Come with A Price Tag!

“We are absolutely ready to accept and welcome your daughter into our family with our open hearts, but what about

The Battle of Freedom !!!

For the last couple of days, we all have been witnessing the horrific chain of events unfolding in Afghanistan. We

Let Us Never Replace Innocence with Intimidation!

When we are young, we end up spending most of our time in our respective schools. We even address them

What Is Feminism?

In the last decade if there is one word that has become ten times popular and widespread, then it is

The Young Minds Need Wings to Fly; They Always Know Their Destination!

“So what are you going to pursue? Engineering or medical?” For most of the people who have crossed the class

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure!


It’s been almost one and a half years since we have been dealing with the covid crisis in

Love is like rainbow: You can any color you want!


We live in a time where innovations and discoveries have reached their epitome. We have already set our foot

Let Her Dream Come True!!!

Let’s start with a story. ‘Once there was a girl named Anita. She lived in a small town just

The Challenge of the Physically Challenged!

Disabled, differently-abled, incapacitated, crippled, physically challenged –  these are some of the many names by which they are known to

Yoga: The Need of Today!

This pandemic has taught us one very essential lesson which is, a healthy lifestyle is critically important for our sustenance

How Was Your Childhood?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when people ask you about your childhood? Most of us