After all, it really is all of humanity that is under threat during pandemic.

Corona, Covid-19, pandemic, safety, sanitize and etc. are the words that are normal to all of us at present. This virus made its debut from Wuhan, China in November 2019, has spread to almost all the countries and territories and brought a conflicting and unpredictable niche for humans till date.

Many countries adopted a new governing and lifestyle of social distancing, practice of wearing a mask, sanitising and refraining from public gatherings. These new lifestyle practices have brought both positive and negative impact on all age groups of people.  Most of the statistics indicate younger population of 21-30 ages are at vulnerable position.

Doctors and medical workers are on constant pursuit of tending for infected patients around the year without need of breaks and sacrificing much life of their own. Under privileged professions like Sex workers, sanitary workers, Daily wage labourers and rural workers are pushed into extreme poverty and hunger. College students and School goings students suffered a huge transition in their academic curriculum like shifting completely/partially to online platforms. These changes have or will lead to dropouts, forced marriages, toll on mental health (mostly on girls).

Vaccination, Self-hygiene practices, spending time with elders at home, staying indoors, compulsion of mask on public premises are some of the perks that can help in this difficult times. Many NGOs and volunteers of government have been working in addition to health department and government towards raising awareness to overcome the chaos and myths about the pandemic life. Some of the initiatives at Purnkuti during Covid – 19 are Happiness kits for Sex workers of red-light areas of Budhwar Peth, Pune and distribution drive of Mathka (clay) pots to store drinking water for surviving summer heat waves to the slums and so on.

Margaret Chan