Do you care to feed just one?

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”- Mother Teresa

Present times are challenging, taking away homes, shelters, jobs even the only earning family members away from home leaving behind misery, poverty, hunger behind for all the dependents. With no food to eat survival has become a challenge leaving behind health, safety and security as greater concerns. At this stage of time, one step taken by more fortunate ones can result into changing many lives, adding value to society giving to others and creating joy for many.

One such step is taken by Purnkuti by initiating a drive to feed whereby applicants can just pay to feed one person with a small contribution amount, which won’t burn their pockets but fulfil one empty stomach. Giving them a ray of hope to survive one more day and look for opportunities. Like Shantilata from Bihar, Patna got support for a day’s meal giving her strength to look for work and fortunately she got employed as cook finding support for herself and her three small children.

Sometimes it is easy to convince ourselves that if an idea isn’t big enough to change the world, then we shouldn’t even bother with it. Sometimes it feels like only the grandest of things truly count.
But that isn’t true at all.

The things that really matter happen in the smallest of moments.

They start with the simplest ideas, that then grow and take on steam, not because you set out to feed 100 people, but because you care enough to feed just one.! The true privilege in life is giving yourself away. Join hands with us and help us create more such beautiful stories.