Education Itself Is Enlightenment and Education System Is the Path That Leads to It!

Education is like that one branch in a tree that may look like any other branch and yet it functions as the most important one. Without it, the tree would lose its strength, beauty, and support. Similarly, education plays a vital role in any individual’s life. It is like a vessel that gives shape to our ever-flowing life and soul. And something more important than education is the education system itself.

In the past few decades, India has made great improvements in the education system but somewhere its effectiveness is lacking. Today, there are many government schemes and projects under which children especially the ones from poor economic backgrounds have the facility for free education. But the standard of most of the government schools is very low in comparison to the private ones. Also, students admitted under quota in private schools face numerous problems due to the huge distinction between the social class of the other students and themselves. Moreover, most schools do not even have a proper extra-curriculum schedule for their pupils. We still live in an age where marks and ranks in board exams are given more importance than the all-around development of a child.

Purnkuti with its Waterlily project has been promoting the comprehensive growth and progress of these young students so that they are well equipped to handle almost all the challenges in the future and find optimum solutions to the various problems of society. Capability to adjust to the constantly changing socio-economic environment, always having a positive attitude while at the same time distinguishing between good and evil, a combination of mental strength, logical reasoning, and extensive general knowledge are some of the many virtues we try to inculcate in our students. We thus, urge you to join us in this initiative where together we can cultivate the present education system and make this world a better place!