Let Her Dream Come True!!!

Let’s start with a story. ‘Once there was a girl named Anita. She lived in a small town just like any other normal place. But the day Anita was born, was not so normal. Her gender did not really meet the expectations of the family. They wanted a boy instead. But nonetheless, her parents accepted her and welcomed her into their lives. As years passed, Anita grew up to be a smart, fun-loving, and beautiful girl. Sports and mathematics were her strength at school. The headmaster of her school even once said that she had the potential of becoming a great mathematician one day. But little did she know that something else was waiting eagerly to meet her instead. At the age of 18 with outstanding results in the board exams, Anita got busy planning about her graduation with mathematics honors until one day there was a knock on their door. When she opened the door, she found that her guests were an elderly couple and a man who would be near about the age of 30 with a smile on his face. 2 months later, she was married to the same man. This world was new to Anita. She was upset, afraid, and curious at the same time. But amidst everything, she had this faint hope that maybe one day she could share her dreams of becoming a professor with her husband and he would understand and support her. But alas, her husband had dreams of his own. He wanted his wife to take care of his elderly parents, tend to his necessities and bear him a son. And in time, all of his dreams did come true! Anita did have a beautiful family, she had two sons, a home and yet on some days she would have this vivid dream at night where she was teaching calculus to a room full of girls with eyes full of hope just like she once had!’

This story is nothing but a reminder that for a lot of women in this country this is the journey of their life. Purnkuti has been constantly trying to alter this reality by various programs like Manosakha where girls from underprivileged families are given a better future through proper education. Also, we support women from rural areas and bring out their indigenous crafts and handwork while empowering them at the same time because we truly believe that there is not going to be a change unless we try to bring one!