Let Those Invisible Boundaries Never Divide Us!

Hey, you are black just like those Africans! Why do people from your region look the same? Hey, your accent is weird, people from your community always happen to talk in that weird accent right! You belong to a lower caste, so, you are not our equal in any way. We don’t talk to the people who belong to your religion! Being friends with people from that community is okay but having any family relations with this class of people is just impossible!

Truth be told, the word limit for this article would be insufficient to list the number of racist sentences spoken on a daily basis. Somewhere along the line of evolution, we have completely forgotten how we actually belong to the same species and have the same blood running through our veins. Instead, those boundaries of religion, caste, community, and geographical differences are what dominate our mentality towards a certain individual.

Technically, by definition, a racist is someone who is prejudiced about a certain race or culture and judges people for the same reason. But according to me, anyone who passes a comment that undermines someone or portrays someone’s image in a very negative way must always be termed as a racist. It is essential to realize that our community needs members who can support growth and development and uplift others as well and no progress can happen if people try to put others down constantly.

Moreover, racism is something that is not developed in a single day. It grows within us since we are young and just like the virus spreads its infection throughout the body, this mentality turns into something nasty with the passing years. Purnkuti with its Water Lily Public School project has always tried to inculcate within the students the art of appreciating others and not putting them down or making them uncomfortable by passing any derogatory comments. We think that if the idea of racism is checked in school days itself, then the chances of it growing into a horrifying attribute can be certainly prohibited.