Let Us Never Replace Innocence with Intimidation!

When we are young, we end up spending most of our time in our respective schools. We even address them as our second home. This means that for any school-going child, the environment in their school is as important as that of their home. And generally, school life is considered to be the most awesome part of a person’s life. I remember when I was a kid I hated vacations because I could not meet my friends during those months. I would eagerly count the number of days left for the school to reopen so that I could meet them again. But not all the little souls wait for the vacation to end. Because for them, school and their classmates are not a part of some wonderful dream but instead of a horrid nightmare.

Bullying and peer pressure in school is something that we all have heard of but seldom do we give it the importance like any other social issue. In reality, this is one of those basic issues which must be handled at the very origin because it might lead to distorted personalities of the children at a later age. The child who gets bullied in school does not only lack self-esteem but is also a victim of depression from a very young age. These children if not given proper counselling can end up being very emotionally weak and demotivated adults. At the same time if we talk about the children, who are bullying others, need help as well. Most of the time they do it as a projection of their inferiority complex or some other underlying issue. Thus, proper rehabilitation of such children must happen to prevent this behaviour from becoming a part of their intrinsic character.

Thus teachers, parents, guardians, or elders in the family must notice and address even the minute changes in a child. Also, proper classes and seminars should be held regularly in schools so that every child is thoroughly trained to deal with these situations. Counselling sessions are also found to be of great help for such circumstances. Even at our Waterlily Public School we always try to maintain an atmosphere which is free of such malign activities and we aim to provide all our students with the best schooling experience because every child deserves to have the best memories of their school lives.