Love is like rainbow: You can any color you want!


We live in a time where innovations and discoveries have reached their epitome. We have already set our foot on the Moon and have visited so many other planets. As a civilization our advancement in technology has reached great heights and is progressing rapidly and yet we are not allowed to choose our partners freely. Our country is still struggling to accept the concept and existence of the LGBTQ+ community.

With article 377 demolished, the community has got its freedom legally but it still does not have social freedom. Even today if a girl or a boy decides to choose a partner from the same gender they are forced to get married or in some cases, they are even threatened with their life. In a few cases, they might get the support of their parents but their extended family and the surrounding people make the situation worse.

Imagine if you had to fight for your identity and your life choices, how challenging that would have been. For these people, it is an everyday struggle! The fight for the equal rights of the LGBTQ+ community has been going on for centuries and even in this 21st century, it seems they have only started their battle. This long battle still has to be fought for many more years to come.

We as a community have to understand that each and every individual is unique and has equal right to choose their lifestyle accordingly. Just like we cannot control how the branches of a banyan tree expand, we cannot and should not try to control the direction of any one’s life; rather we should celebrate its growth. Only when we come together as one and accept each other just as we are, we can truly progress towards prosperity.