About Manosakha

Manosakha is an initiative that was taken up by Dr. (Mrs.) Swati Bharti and Mr Ashish Anshu back in 2011 to provide educational and moral support to kids from the underprivileged section of our society. It started off with just one student, but very soon a few supporting hands joined and it has transformed itself into an organization.

Today’s Manosakha supports over 40 students categorized along age groups, skill set, learning abilities and formal education set up. Each of them is taken through highly personalized learning curve, which involves personal counseling besides nutrition, study material and other basic needs.

Manosakha has found support amongst like minded people, who have come forward and readily extended helping hand for bringing these children to mainstream, the social and education system. Purity and sincerity takes its own growth path and so are we. Manosakha has taken its next step to reach out, we are sure many of you will join support the initiative by way of donation, volunteering or simply by sharing the idea of Manosakha.

How we have touched noble souls so far

Manosakha runs Child Care and Development program for differently abled children at Begumpet in Hyderabad.We have expanded the dictionary meaning of “differently abled” to include children with financials, social or educational (parent’s) inability, with one commonality; compassion. This suddenly changed the operating parameters. Compassion is such a strong binding force that all forms of disabilities vanished from the Manosakha premises. It enabled smooth transition from special purpose school to mainstream school for everyone, including “differently abled” pupil.Yes, we enable pupil with special needs, financial inability or simply indifferent parents to migrate to formal education system through counseling, classroom education, social skills, immunity building, nutritional food, educational aides and art lessons.


Our aim is to reach out to the entire area where these kids stay, in the same way, that we have managed to do with these 40 kids. There are many aspects of the society that need improvement. There are many other kids out there who are either unaware or uninterested in getting the minimal education due to reasons varying from lack of financial support to unacceptability towards the mere idea of education in their families. And getting rid of this evil right from the grassroots level is what we call bigger picture. But in order to get there, we too require support, in whatever form we may get. We need provisions for the taking care of the existing 40 kids so that we can invest our time in the other aforementioned kids without worrying about the existing 40 kids.

Apart from this, we also plan on counseling and educating the parents and families of the already existing 40 kids along with new ones in the right ways of parenting and maintaining a right household environment required for the kids to grow into a person with not just the right educational qualification but also with the right personality.

How we do it

Every child’s learning and state of mind are mapped to various skill sets through multiple counseling sessions. Based on these sessions specific developmental needs are identified and a learning curve is designed for the child.

Our focus areas

Self Development Classes

‘Bal Chetna’, conducted in collaboration with Art of Living, wherein children are trained in breathing techniques, yoga and social skills. This is also done for parents, especially for the mothers to get their buy-in and create mutual trust.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy has been integrated with coherent thinking process with an emphasis on articulation. Public speaking, Shloka Classes and physiotherapy are part of our speech therapy program.

Social Skill Development

Society Order, Personal Hygiene, social greetings, interactions, kinesics and eating manners are core to Social Skill Program

Educational Support

Complete educational support is provided including guidance in daily learning through mentors and professional teachers to enable them integrate with mainstream education programs

Admission in School

Manosakha actively pursues migration of these children to regular government aided schools. Also, we actively collaborate with un-aided institutions of repute to pupils’ admission. Our support extends right upto meeting financial requirement for all such admissions.

Nutrition & Meal

High nutrition foods like Banana, milk & biscuits are part of our breakfast menu every day.

Tiffin Box is provided to children, whose family is in position to support healthy afternoon meal, else the same is arranged at Manosakha premises.

Medical Check Up

Regular medical check up including eye check up camps are organized for children, our focus is to engage with doctors and intuitions providing free or subsidized facility for such initiatives.

Educational Aides

At Manosakha we ensure that no two pupil are different because of parents’ financial ability. School Bags, reading material, dresses and other stationary are provided by school.

What we do

  • We have already integrated 25% of our children to mainstream schooling system. They walk, talk and live just like any other kid at leading CBSE and State Board schools.
  • 40 kids being taught by highly qualified teachers, every day, twice
  • All the kids are provided with a light meal which may comprise of milk and biscuit or banana or any other food item in special situations
  • About 8 kids have been admitted in various Public/Missionary Schools and fees for 3 are being paid
  • Drastic Improvements in writtenas well as oral skills. Most kids who couldn’t utter a word in English can now converse in the language, fluently

Manosakha and Purnkuti Association

Purnkuti is a Non-Profit Organization, duly registered under the societies registration act 1960.

Purnkuti has joined hands with Dr Swati and Mr. Ashish to help Mano Sakha grow out of Hyderabad and reach out to more and more children in newer geographies.

Name of the Organization : Purnkuti
Pan No : AACT0682P
URN : AACT0682P/13/14-15/T-0008

Approved to qualify for deduction under 80G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act, 1961

Pune Center

Survey No.3, F.No. 4,
Shinde Building, Main Road,
Vadgaonsheri, Pune-411014
Email ID: Purnkuti1@gmail.com
Tel: 9769918867

Hyderabad Center

Shamlal Building,
Begumpet, Hyderabad–500016
Email ID: Purnkuti1@gmail.com
Tel: 9769918867