About Us

We are a bundle of energy working under Purnkuti umbrella to deliver change. A change does not necessarily have to be earth shattering, but can still be significant for the society. We endeavor to make it simple for everyone to participate; this is how all-successful movements have been built.

Purnkuti, is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), duly registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1960. We are active in Child & Women Development space through Manosakha and Waterlily Education System since 2011.

Our Story – The Beginning

When like-minded people come together with common aspirations great results can be achieved.

Delivery gap in quality education at Sub-Divisional or small town level (Cat D or lower) has been huge, and rather than waiting for state machinery or some corporate to bring its focus at these cities, a handful of us decided to turn the stones. Professionals, divided by birth but united by cause came together to support the initiative and formed an advisory team.

When like-minded people come together with common aspirations great results can be achieved.

The Beginning

With initial concept and contributions from three top rung corporate leaders Ashok, Prashant & Satyam, PurnKuti was founded in 2011. Since then quality work and high values ensured that Team PurnKuti scales multiple milestones.

Year 2012

Purnkuti established Waterlily Education Brand and started a Pre-Primary school in Patna.

Year 2012

Purnkuti revived Income Tax Exemption under section 12 A of Income Tax Act.

Year 2016

Purkuti received authority to issue certificates of tax exemptions for donations made to the Purnkuti.

Year 2017

Purnkuti partnered with Manosakha to bring out it second branch in Pune.

Impact Areas


Don't let schooling interfere with your education.

Craft Studio

Learning by doing has been age-old method of creating skilled crafts women in rural India. Their hand weaves stories and perseveres memories. And not to mentions, since art is to be practiced at leisure they make best artisans in India.

Bihar Center

Gram- Chondi, Thana- Barh,
Jila- Patna, Bihar-802014
Email ID: team@purnkuti.com
Tel: 9769918867