Rethinking – Reworking -Poverty!

Mahatma Gandhi said- The earth has enough resources for our need, but not for our greed.

One is struggling for earning two times of meal a day and other complaints of not getting latest model of I-phone. One is unable to afford doctor fees & other is dejected for not getting the desired cruise ride.

In present world of consumerism, we all want more than what we have. No one is satisfied with what he/she has. But is this rightbehavior?

We are living in a capitalist economic system with free markets & limited government interventions enabling improved living standards. However, despite its ubiquity, there are many flaws and problems in economy. Inequality, market failure, damage to the environment, short-termism and excess materialism are few of the adverse effects of capitalist economic system.

The rich are getting richer and the poor get poorer, the rich can reinvest their capital whilst the poor have to continue to work and spend every penny they have on living costs. These living costs include utility bills and food which are profit centres for rich. The poor remain unable to save their money to make investments.

Mira & Ravi residing in Muzaffarnagar have been working throughout their lives to earn two meals a day for their family while Thakurs family with many acres of land on their name needs no other source of income and still have lavish lifestyle for many generations to come.

The reason this gap is widening more is because wants are endless. Rich keeps working towards satisfying their wants–remaining rich&poors given the limited resources loses out. Most of the poor are not provided with fair opportunity to be rich as rich keep hogging these opportunities in an attempt to maintain their status quo depriving them to grow & uplift their living standards.

At punkurti we aim to bridge this gap to help poor get justice. By providing them with fair share of their hard-earned money. By distributing basic need amenities, food items at free of cost, giving stationary items to school going lads. By educating & giving opportunities.

Come forward join hands for this noble deed. Donate.

Make contributions not only by donating money but also by reconsidering our decisions for all the resources we are consuming. Bringing the desired change in mindset.