Saying No to Self-Destruction!

There is a study done by WHO in 2019 which states that there have been more than 180 thousand deaths in relation to drug abuse worldwide for that particular year only. These statistics are pretty hard to grasp but the truth is recently our younger generation is constantly falling prey to these so-called sources of fun.

Today the idea of an after-school party revolves around getting high or stoned. It’s not about those innocent fun games anymore. The youth of today is blinded by such self-destructive representation of amusement. In some of the cases, the teenagers are drawn to such options due to underlying depression or anxiety as well. Ultimately these horrid choices not only lead them to a very painful path but eventually cause their unfortunate demise in most cases. And this scenario is prevalent in all the economic strata in society.

The team of Purnkuti has always tried to train the parents along with the children in our various projects. During these pieces of training, we make sure that such difficult topics are also dealt with. In most addiction cases if the family members especially the parents are diligent enough to notice the changes in the child then proper rehabilitation of the young is possible and a lot of trouble can be averted as well. But due to lack of information or knowledge, these things get easily unnoticed in an economically weaker section. Thus, we give due importance to parental awareness in this regard.

In the end, the only way to eradicate this problem is by having the utmost compassion and patience towards the younger generation. They indeed are our future and right now they need our help! The only way we can do that is by understanding them and showing our love and affection whenever and wherever required.