Term and Condition

Volunteering Rules

Purnkuti is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), duly registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1960
committed to the welfare of children. It firmly believes that its lifeblood is its set of volunteers. Every volunteer/member is a mirror of ~Purnkuti, its philosophy, and values. Hence, it would be appropriate on our part to brief you about the rules and regulations that every volunteer must be aware of and follow so as to ensure the safety of children.

As a volunteer

  • shall safeguard the physical, mental, and psychological well-being of a child
  • shall take it as my responsibility to stress on equality in all interactions with children
  • shall be prepared to appropriately handle any unexpected situation that arises in a session I am supervising
    shall understand that I am perceived as a role model for children and behave appropriately, so that positive influence occurs
  • shall, at all times, be aware of the team being more important than self and the child being more important than the team
  • shall not, directly or indirectly, attempt to cause hurt or pain to a child under my supervision
  • shall not indulge in behavior that is perceived as negative in places where children recognize me* (please see Behavioral Negatives below for further reference)
  • shall not give away sensitive information, whether it concerns a child or ~Purnkuti, to people who are not a part of the program, ~Purnkuti or its partners
  • shall not hesitate in executing my rightful responsibilities even in the face of opposition, within and outside ~Purnkuti
  • Shall not attempt to befriend children on the pretext of using them for personal benefits and/or lead them in the wrong direction by using dubious devices like false stories, doubtful personalities who are not a part of ~Purnkuti or its partners, and so on.”

Code of Conduct 

The Code of Conduct is intended to set volunteers of ~Purnkuti as living role models for the children they interact with. It has been stated with the sole purpose of helping children reclaim their childhood without subjecting them to any sort of pain or disappointment.

  • All emphasis is placed on teamwork rather than individual contribution.
  • The identity, values, and philosophy of ~Purnkuti are sacrosanct and shall be upheld always by you.
  • All decisions on the chapter (a city where Purnkuti has its operations) and strategic levels shall be taken on a consensual basis. Individual perceptions will be given room to be aired but they shall not necessarily be the final decisions.
  • First-time violation of Code of Conduct shall be met with an appropriate warning; if the same is repeated, then ~Purnkuti has no choice but to excommunicate the offending party. This is final and binding.

Behavioral Negatives

  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Causing public nuisance
  • Using abusive language
  • Being excessively harsh
  • Displaying vulgar sense of humor and dressing
  • Encouraging unhealthy competition and rivalry