The Battle of Freedom !!!

For the last couple of days, we all have been witnessing the horrific chain of events unfolding in Afghanistan. We all know who and what the Taliban are! And with them back in power, the situation in Afghanistan has become gruesome. In addition to this, even Joe Bidden, the current president of the United States has decided to bring back the American troops from Afghani soil. This makes the situation now even worse as it leaves no power to check the Taliban forces anymore.

A few days ago, a picture of Afghani people clinging to the aircraft showed us the reality of the situation. The torture, killings have been going on constantly since the capture of Kabul. It seems peace has said its final goodbye to the people of Afghanistan. This terrible incident has taken the development and growth of the country decades back and only the next generation will know, how big of a prize they would have to pay for this.

Moreover, reports have been constantly pouring in about how women and young girls are being subjected to harassment. These girls and women are being taken as sex slaves as well. It is hard to believe that even after residing in the 21st century we have to bear witness to such brutal crimes against women. 26th August marks women’s equality day worldwide but alas! For the women in Afghanistan, the reality is going to be much darker than that.

Purnkuti has always advocated for the liberty, freedom, and empowerment of women in society and to see these women suffering greatly makes our hearts cry out loud. We really hope and earnestly pray that the situation becomes better in Afghanistan with time and all this suffering is put to an end soon. The battle of freedom is long and arduous but we hope that united thee shall be able to enjoy its fruits as well!