The Challenge of the Physically Challenged!

Disabled, differently-abled, incapacitated, crippled, physically challenged –  these are some of the many names by which they are known to society. We always look at them and say that “this is the fate they are born with”, but is it true? Can really someone’s physical incompetence decide their future?

Although we can be certainly sure of one thing and that is the constant challenge they have to face their entire lives. The children specifically are the worst sufferers in this case. And being a differently-abled child from an underprivileged family is like a cherry on top of the worst cake ever! With limited resources in the family, it becomes very difficult to build a sustainable life for the child. Most of these children need special medical treatment from time to time. Thus, taking care of the entire family and providing such medical requirements as well, becomes a huge burden for the bread earner. Such scenarios most of the time increases the tension at home and imparts extreme mental pressure on the child. As a result, most of these children suffer from mental depression from a very young age.

Taking all these into consideration, when Purnkuti decided to dedicate itself to the welfare of the children, we made sure that our projects benefitted each and every child out there. Based on this principle, we have a Child Care and Development Program under the project Manosakha which caters to the needs of differently-abled children. This is an initiative to bridge the gap between them and society so that these children can reach their true potential in time. During this pandemic also, Purnkuti has come forward to provide necessary items to the family of the differently-abled.

We at Purnkuti, truly believe that instead of feeling sorry and sympathizing with their condition we as a collective can do so much more for them. With proper guidance and understanding, these children can go a very long way. The team of Purnkuti has been trying its best in this regard and with your support, we hope to accomplish a lot more in the coming years!