The Young Minds Need Wings to Fly; They Always Know Their Destination!

“So what are you going to pursue? Engineering or medical?” For most of the people who have crossed the class 12 mark, this is one of those questions which has been asked quite frequently. If the people who are 20 or above, go back down memory lane a lot of you will find how our parents and relatives so much so wished that we would become the future engineers or doctors in the family.

Somehow this sense of expectation goes back to the time when we were very small and could not even utter a single syllable properly. Right from that moment, we would be expected to say either mom or dad as our very first words. And if someone were to utter anything else, it would hurt their expectations. A similar kind of situation arises when we are about to give our 12th board exams. A certain career path is expected for us to take and we are undeniably supposed to comply with it.

But not each and every one of us has that ultimate dream of becoming a doctor or engineer. Some of us want to be singers or dancers or maybe even become content creators or DJ! But our parents think that these jobs cannot give us a secure future. Although today, a lot of parents are very understanding still there are many who would not support their children in this regard. I believe that everyone should have the freedom of choosing their own destination and success can only be achieved when you pursue what you actually want to. If you are not interested in engineering for example, then you can never be a good one at it. it is very important for the parents to realize that their children after a certain age do not need the directions anymore but rather they need the support and faith that they can achieve great heights at whatever they do.

Thus, the team of Purnkuti has always made sure that all the children enrolled within our various programs must explore all the possibilities out there and choose their career options accordingly! We truly believe that they can achieve true success when they are allowed to decide their own pathway!