About Waterlily

Waterlily Public School has been founded to hone the natural leadership traits of pupil growing up in the other India (Bharat).

We firmly believe that “an informed decision” is often behind our success or failure in life. Our environment constantly throws new opportunities to us, however, only an informed individual senses these opportunities and capitalizes on them in order to carve out a successful career.

Hence, our focus is to provide modern education through state of the art technology, which keeps our student abreast with latest development across the globe. And, all this happens in the modest social background of Sub-divisional or block level towns, which keeps our students firmly grounded in their roots and they emerge as leaders with unquestionable integrity and ethics.

Our Approach

At Waterlily Public School, we believe that a good education system should alchemize a child into a complete person. Everything at WPS is guided by following core competencies that every child must imbibe;

  • Ability to adapt to ever changing socio-economic environment
  • Positive character and realistic self image
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to distinguish between good and evil
  • Mental strength to be true to one’s belief under adversity
  • Reasoning & logical ability
  • Reasonably wide general knowledge

Vision & Mission


An institution of excellence, dedicated to provide character, skill & conviction to lead.


To create a generation which has the presence of mind and essential skills to lead life with dignity and elegance.

Water Lily Public School is based on World Class “Waterlily Education System”, facilitating an environment in which every student tenaciously works in the direction of optimizing his or her potential.

We welcome pupil from all strata of life and facilitate co-habitation to understand multi-cultural & multi-lingual fabric of India. This serves as incubation for their larger role, which is at ease with both, India & Bharat.

We also bring in communication technology at an early stage to help them learn from the Masters sitting across the world.

What we do?


The world class “Water Lily education System™” (WLES) is a well-researched curriculum, inspired from various schools of thought. It takes historical worldview and contextualizes role of education in today’s social pattern. It has been developed to suite different age groups and socio-economic criteria.

Course design fosters a higher level of thinking through course material & guided discussions.

Learning Areas

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development.
  • Communication, Language and Literacy.
  • Mathematical and Logical Development.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
  • Physical Development through Sports, Games and Yoga.
  • Creative Development with emphasis on art and media practice.

Creative Development: Hobbies




Song, Dance and Musical Instruments

Creative Development: Common Skills



Story Telling

Creative Development: Native Crafts




Regional Cuisine

Waterlily & PurnKuti Association

Purnkuti is a Non-Profit Organization, duly registered under the societies registration act 1960.

Purnkuti has joined hands with Dr Swati and Mr. Ashish to help Mano Sakha grow out of Hyderabad and reach out to more and more children in newer geographies.

Name of the Organization : Purnkuti
Pan No : AACT0682P
URN : AACT0682P/13/14-15/T-0008

Approved to qualify for deduction under 80G(5)(vi) of Income Tax Act, 1961

Bihar Center

Waterlily public school
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N.H 31 Barh, Bihar-803213
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