What Is Feminism?

In the last decade if there is one word that has become ten times popular and widespread, then it is “feminism”. This is the debate of today but what do you mean by it? If you ask 10 different people, I bet you will come with 10 different versions of it. Where one would say that it is about giving women the right to speech, the other would say that it is just a façade so that women can grab some attention. Maybe one or two would even refrain from commenting because they think it’s not their fight or they do not wish to be a part of this debate. But feminism is a very elementary topic. It is not complicated as people assume it to be.

The word feminism inherently means to find that voice that has been lost under the influence of patriarchy for the last centuries and bringing them to the standards of equality in society. For example, if a man heads a family, so can a woman or if a man can ride a bike so can women do it without the occasional glancing of people in the streets. Over the years there has been a stereotypical image built around women and the main goal of feminism is to shatter that image completely. Like if we look into the media industry, actors are paid more than actresses, and thus feminism in this industry, among many other things, is to remove this notion of unequal pay between the two sexes.

Feminism is not about degrading men and the entire male community but it is about uplifting the women community higher so that both sexes can work and coexist in the same environment without anyone looking down on the other gender or considering them to be weaker in any sense. Thus this debate is not about one or two males and females but it is about all of us as a collective. And the day when all the people (male or female) will be able to achieve that true sense of equality, this particular word will reach its true purpose.